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Computer Vision Treatment

Technology is undeniably a remarkable thing. In recent years, computer usage has risen dramatically. Computers today are essential to helping people gather information and participate in a fast-changing world economy. Computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices are also necessary if you want to stay connected with others personally and professionally. But constantly exposing your eyes to digital displays can lead to vision impairment and problems with your overall eye health.

Are you aware of the harm that prolonged use of your digital devices can cause? Here’s what you need to know about computer vision syndrome (CVS), including how to treat it:


CVS Is a Form of Eyestrain


CVS is a condition that occurs when you stare at digital screens for long periods of time. Even if you only use your computer, smartphone, television, or e-reader for about two hours a day, you can still experience CVS symptoms. CVS can have many symptoms, but you may not suffer from all of them at once. The most common symptoms are changes to your vision. These include red, dry eyes, itchy or watery eyes, blurred or double vision, and eye irritation. Many sufferers also complain about light sensitivity, headaches, and neck or back pain.


CVS Occurs When Your Eyes Work Too Hard


When you’re looking at digital displays, you tend to blink less often. This is because your brain is too focused on your screen, and you forget to blink. The human eye typically blinks between 12 and 15 times per minute. Staring at your digital screen for too long can cause you to blink half that often. When you blink, a thin layer of tears glosses over your eyes. The less you blink, the less moisture your eyes will receive, and that can result in sore, dry eyes. Your eyes also work hard when you play a mobile game or watch Netflix on your smartphone. Many people hold their smart devices a lot closer to their eyes than books and other printed materials. Setting the display just a few inches from your eyes forces them to work hard and can tire them out.


Several Solutions Are Available to Cure CVS


There are several different treatments for CVS-related vision problems, and regular eye care can help you reduce your discomfort. Adjusting how you view your digital screens is crucial to reducing CVS symptoms. You should also pay attention to lighting, your seating position, and the location of your computer screen to prevent CVS. Wearing computer glasses can also help. You may even consider those with unique lens powers, coatings, and designs that maximize your comfort when viewing digital displays. Resting your eyes and taking blinking breaks from screen time can also prevent your eyes from straining.


Have you noticed any changes in your vision recently? At Special Eye Care, we can help assess and manage eyestrain and other visual health conditions resulting from CVS.


Learn more about computer vision syndrome, contact Special Eye Care in Camp Springs, Maryland at (301) 298-3241 to schedule your eye checkup.

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