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Finding the Perfect Frames to Match Your Face


Trying to find the perfect frames to match your face can be challenging if you are not sure about the shape of your face. Determining the right frames starts with recognizing your face’s profile, so, in this post, you’ll find a brief description of each face shape to help you narrow down what would look great on you.

Recognizing Your Face Shape

With so many different frames, you want to get the right one to complement your facial features. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and you should be able to tell. Generally speaking, face shapes include an oval, square, round, triangular, or heart shape. 

To recognize what you have, you will want to study your facial features, remembering that no one has a genuinely perfect face shape. Instead, the general outlines are more like guidelines to help you figure out where to start. People often have faces that combine shapes. So once you have figured out your face shape, you can begin identifying frames that you should be looking through.

Round and Oval Faces

If your face has an oval shape, you are in luck because the oval shape is the most versatile in selecting frames that match your look. Slightly wider cheekbones balance the slight narrowing at both the forehead and the chin. Choosing the best frames can be more challenging, but you would be best off with a bold shape and oversized frames with these facial features. 

Round faces are different in that lines are not as well defined, but they have softer angles with a forehead and jawline that are equally wide. Rectangular frames work well to complement round faces. If this is you, you can get away with wearing bold frames and strong angles.

Square and Triangular Faces

If you have a more squared shape, you likely have angular lines at your cheekbones and jaw. These bold facial features are complemented well with frames that are thinner and rounder than other frames. The width of frames for a square face should also be slightly wider when compared to your cheekbones. Oval frames and round frames pull attention away from defined angles.

For a triangular face, you will have the widest part at your jaw, with your face narrowing slightly through your forehead. To balance the glasses with your facial structure, you want to choose frames with bolder detailing on the upper part and minimal on the bottom. Cat-eye frames are great for this face shape, as are aviator frames.

Heart-shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are widest at your forehead and get narrower through the jawline. Frames that work well with these include the well-known wayfarer style frame. The lines on a set of wayfarer frames narrow slightly similarly to your facial structure. Winged-out frames also work well.

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