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How Often Do Eyeglass Prescriptions Need to Be Updated?

The American Academy of Optometry states that you must regularly update your eyeglass prescriptions. It may seem to be an unnecessary if you feel like your glasses are still working well, but studies show that eyesight changes as you age, even if we don’t notice it. Knowing how often you should update your lenses can help you prepare for it. Here are the details that you should know.


New Prescription Glasses Are Important


The usual practice is to stick with your prescription eyeglasses as long as your vision still remains good. However, the truth is that you should get new eyeglasses based on your eye doctor’s advice. It is not always obvious that you need a new pair of spectacles. Changes in vision may occur slowly. Your doctor needs to see how your vision is doing each year, or you will not know about the changes in your vision. Eye doctors recommend updating your eye prescription every one or two years.


The Signs That You Need New Glasses


You should be aware of the signs that you need new glasses. Here are the signs that you should be aware of:

  • Headaches often occur when you keep using your old prescription eyeglasses. This is because your brain and eyes are working harder. The eye strain can put tension on your eye muscles

  • Squinting allows a concentration of light to enter your eyes. This allows you to have clearer eyesight. This should not happen at all when you are already wearing your glasses

  • You need new glasses if you have not changed them in years. If you have been delaying your eye checkup for more than two years, it is time to get a new pair

  • A pair of damaged or scratched glasses needs a replacement. The damage can blur your vision. Bent frames will prevent your glasses from sitting properly on your face. A new pair of glasses can improve your vision and your experience in wearing corrective glasses

  • Seeing double is a strong sign that you may need a new pair of eyeglasses

  • Other reasons for getting new spectacles are your need for specialized lenses or a trendy frame


Side Effects of Old Prescription Glasses


Most people believe that wearing old prescription glasses is still good for one’s vision, but this is not the case. An incorrect prescription can affect your eyesight negatively. You know that your prescription glasses are old if your eyes feel relieved when you take off your current eyeglasses. As mentioned earlier, you may also experience eye strain and headaches. Getting a new pair of prescription eyeglasses can remove your discomfort and pain.

Updating your prescription eyeglasses can improve your vision and general health. At Special Eye Care, we provide our patients with only high-quality eye care products and services. Please call us at 301-298-3241 to schedule an appointment at our office in Camp Springs, Maryland.

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