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How to Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eyestrain

Increasing hours of computer work makes you more vulnerable to digital eyestrain. That is why the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends extra protection from this eye condition. This can help many people feel comfortable while performing computer tasks or using digital devices. Learning how to protect your eyes from this eye condition can help you use your electronic devices longer with more comfort. Here are the details.


Refrain From Using Your Devices Before Bedtime


Studies show that blue light in digital devices can affect your sleep-wake cycle. Blue light keeps you awake during the day. If you expose your eyes to blue light during the late hours, you may have a difficult time achieving sound sleep. Thus, it is recommended that you limit your screen time to one to two hours before you sleep. Low-light settings can help by reducing the blue light that you absorb. 


Adjust Your Lighting


Soft lighting can make watching television easier for your eyes. Make sure you position your light source behind you when you do close work. A shaded light in front of you can make your reading more comfortable. The shade will focus the light on the book and not on you.


Apply Artificial Tears


Your eye doctor may recommend artificial tears. These drops can relieve and prevent dry eye syndrome, but you can use them even if you don’t have the condition. Artificial tears can keep your eyes moist and prevent symptoms from recurring.

Make sure not to choose eye drops that remove redness. These products may worsen dry eye symptoms. Get artificial tears that do not have preservatives. You can use these drops as often as you need to. Eye drops that contain preservatives can cause sensitivity if you apply them at least four times a day. 


Blink Often


Doing so can prevent your eyes from drying up. People on their computers all day often forget to blink. Being mindful about your blinking can help your eyes produce tears to refresh and moisten your eyes. 


Reduce Glare


Excessive glare and bright lights can strain your eyes. They could make it difficult to see what you have on your monitor. Light sources behind or above you cause vision issues, and sunlight or fluorescent lighting often cause glare. Getting an adjustable desk lamp can provide you with ideal lighting. You can also place an anti-glare screen cover to reduce the glare of your screen. 

Protecting your eyes from digital eyestrain can help maintain your comfort while you work on your computer or use your electronic devices. At Special Eye Care, we help our patients maintain good eye health in everything that they do. Feel free to drop by our clinic in Camp Springs, Maryland, for an in-person consultation. Please call 301-298-3241 to set an appointment or inquire about our digital eyestrain treatment packages.

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