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Top 5 Signs of Deteriorating Eye Health

Caring for your eyes can make a significant difference in your overall well-being. Monitoring eye and vision changes through regular comprehensive eye exams can minimize your chances of vision loss. The CDC estimates more than 21 million Americans have vision problems. 

What Are Specialty Contact Lenses?

Specialty contact lenses are an option if you are not getting results from standard lenses or if they are uncomfortable to wear. However, terms like standard or conventional lenses can be confusing. After all, each patient’s eye has a slightly different shape, and contact lenses must suit the patient’s eyes. However, you will find different lenses to suit nearly every patient.

How to Know if Your Child Needs Glasses

Understanding eye health in kids will help you recognize signs that may indicate your child needs corrective eyewear. A child's visual system continues to develop during the first seven or eight years of life. Sometimes, eyeglasses may be necessary for normal visual development. 

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision is the loss of sight that surgery, prescription glasses, or contacts cannot correct. You will not become completely blind as you will still have some sight. It entails varying degrees of losing vision. Some patients experience sight loss that is almost complete, while others have a blind spot.

What Can a Comprehensive Eye Exam Tell Me About My Eye Health?

Did you know your eyes can be windows to the live action of your body's connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels? That is a fact that most people do not know. Some problems spotted in your eyes can be some of the first signs of diseases and infections lurking elsewhere. That is why it is essential to get regular comprehensive eye exams. A comprehensive eye exam can tell a lot about your eye health.

Importance of Wearing Sunglasses With UV Protection

Sunglasses come in different styles and shapes to suit any personality or face type. A good pair of sunglasses can complement your outfit and enhance your overall appearance. Wearing sunglasses goes beyond making a fashion statement; it is about the health of the eyes.

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Eyes Healthy

Your eyes are a crucial part of your health. You rely on your eyes to see the world around you and interact with it. Eye diseases and conditions can lead to vision loss and blindness. Thus, you need to take good care of your eyes and keep them healthy.

Long-term Benefits of LASIK

LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, they may limit you from engaging in certain activities. LASIK helps you recover the ability to engage in these activities stress-free. LASIK has a lasting impact and improves the overall quality of your life.

Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam Before Getting Contacts?

Whether you usually wear glasses and are looking at contact lenses as a part or full-time alternative, or this is the first time that you need prescription lenses and you are going straight for contact lenses, you’ll need a contact lens exam before you can get started wearing them. The reason for this is that the prescription that is used for contacts is different from that which you’re given at a regular, comprehensive eye exam.

Can Your Eyes Indicate Health Problems?

Your eyes say quite a lot about your health, and they can also tell you when it is time to see your doctor. Changes in the eyes can indicate that something unusual is happening in your body. Although many health issues may not be cause for alarm, others may necessitate urgent medical treatment to prevent severe and incurable health complications.

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